Did you know?
A generic and a branded medicine have the same active substance and, therefore, they are interchangeable »
A generic medicine has the same quality, efficacy and safety as the original product »
Generic medicines can reduce the price of an innovator product up to 60% »
Generic medicines cost less because there has been no investment to discover them »
The first generic medicine commercialised in Spain was the AZT or Zidovudina for the treatment of HIV »
The use of generic medicines in the National Public Health departments is increasing »
You differentiate a generic because it has the name of the active substance and the letters EFG on its label »
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Annual Report on the Development of Generic Medicines in Spain

IMS Health - AESEG - May 2013

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Study on Assessment of Generic Medicines in the Spanish Population 2013

CINFA - AESEG - April 2013

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Study of Knowledge, Use and Evaluation of Generic Drugs

AESEG - March 2012

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14th Pharmaceutical Forum. New Times - New Strategies

AESEG - October 2011

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Generic Pharmaceutical Industry: chronology of a case study

AESEG - May 2011

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Workshop Journalists – Generics Market

AESEG/IMS - November 2010

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Generic Medicines: Essential contributors to the long-term health of society

IMS - April 2010

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Industry and generic market in Spain (Merida)

Solchaga Recio & Asociados/AESEG - December 2009

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UE Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry

Solchaga Recio & Asociados/AESEG - November 2009

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Industry and generic market in Spain

Solchaga Recio & Asociados/AESEG - October 2009

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UE Pharmaceutical Sector Inquiry: the case of Spain

Solchaga Recio & Asociados/AESEG - February 2009

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EGA Report on Patent-related Barriers

EGA/AESEG - Deicember 2008

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Economic impact of a retroactive change in the regulation of pharmaceutical patents

Solchaga Recio & Asociados/AESEG - November 2008

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Global Pharmaceutical Perspectives - Intelligence.360

IMS - June 2008

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Toolkit for substitution by the pharmacist

January 2008

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Study on knowledge and attitude toward generics

SIGMADOS - January 2008

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First Sector Study on the Perception of Generic Drugs

AMERKA STAR/AESEG - October 2005

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